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Snorri the Skald. (91)

Song of the Vikings by Nancy Marie Brown.

Drink of Odin's mead,
Snorri, for the night is long,
& there's work to do.

My review for this book is up at & I think I really said just about everything I wanted to say there. So as a brief aside, let me say this: Odin is one of my favorite gods, & probably my favorite Western god. Besides the fact that Gandalf rules, there is just something great about a deity who isn't content to just be Zeus, just be some cross between conservative views on harsh fathers & male infidelity. To decide to go the extra mile & become a wizard. Odin isn't some paltry god of magic or witchcraft; he's a wizard, same as anybody else, just also a god. & the fact that the practice of seidr ties him explicitly to genderqueer issues is neat, too. Odin! He's crazy & the worst wolf in the world is going to kill him some day. & now I kind of want to re-read The Ice-Shirt. Also, insult poles still crack me up.

Tags: books, brown, haiku,, vikings

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