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The Hudson.

So last week was a real barnburner. Monday was the season premiere of Adventure Time. Tuesday I went to go see Madonna. Wednesday was a recapitulation of Monday-- complete with Kunoichi-- with fordmadoxfraud, ranai, fatbutts & James (edit: no wait, James wasn't there, but onatopofthings was). Thursday I didn't do anything, I just came home & went to the gym. My score for the week was Sunday, Monday morning, Thursday & Saturday, which isn't quite four days, since Monday was only for forty-five minutes, but ain't bad. If I can throw an extra pick-up day into my routine regularly, that'd be fine. Friday I met up with Jenny at the office & we went to go see the last Twilight movie. Then Saturday was Terra's upstate hurrah. Jenny & David & I met up at Grand Central, boarded a train, & headed off to where Charles Xavier has his school for gifted children. I've only been to Terra's house once before about a year ago. We were among the first batch; J.J., Yaniv, Raissa & Matt were there already, & we had a game of Just Dance going by the time more people showed up. Some people danced as mummies, but J.J. had to be the camel. Raphi & Brent & Gina were the next group to roll in, all of whom I last saw at Whiskey Town. Jocelyn, Brian & Kat were the next to arrive, with Matt bookending things. Then, Rock Band. It really was a lot of "structured play" at this party; my fingers remember just enough to keep me from ruining it for everyone else. Luckily, whenever I danced I flailed around like Frankenstein's monster freaking out about fire, & people found that charming, so phew. Lots of BBQ food, lots of mulled cider, lots of champagne. Coming home was a modest adventure. It turns out that my bedtime is about when people take the train in from upstate to go to crummy clubs in the city, so that was a ruckus. Then I had to search Grand Central for a restroom. As a capstone, the trains were messed up because of an investigation, so we had to backtrack. It wasn't that late when we got home, though me waking up at six sort of makes up for that. Oh well; I'm on vacation now! Speaking of Frankenstein, today is Olivia's birthday, & then after that we are having an Eleven-Books Club meeting for This Dark Endeavor.
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