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Hail Prismo!

Alright, I'm caught up on my busy Saturday & then I jumped ahead to Madonna on Tuesday, leaving two days in the lurch. You know, come to think of it. You know I mentioned how the line "when you call my name, it's like a little prayer" is literally true for Madonna? Well I guess it is sort of true for me, too, only instead of being a prayer to the Virgin Mary it is a prayer to Marduk. Moving along. Frankly, Sunday wasn't anything to write home about. I went to the gym, I watched Saturday Night Live with Jenny-- I like Anne Hathaway since Dark Knight Rises-- & then we went over to Kira & Nino's for a dinner of squash cooked in bone marrow, some fried rice & sausages. Huh...I ate sausages last night, too. They are a good sort of food. Anyhow shut up about that already because on Monday the season premerie of Adventure Time happened, & Terra came over to watch it with me. Oh man I was actually a little bit nervous sitting down to watch it. Do you remember the season finale, where the Lich remade all of reality? Yeah, yikes. The premeire was split into two episodes, "Finn the Human" & "Jake the Dog," & they managed to show a heartbreaking What If? universe-- with a withered Marceline & a martyred Simon-- while also dealing with Jake hanging out with major cosmic forces. & wishing for a sandwich. The pay-off of the monkey's paw? Totally worth it. Whew! Intense viewing. We also watched a bunch of Kunoichi, the woman's Sasuke, also known as Ninja Warrior. I am for a women's course; Mount Midoriyama is designed for male bodies & male strengths, & there are plenty of things like balance & flexibility for Kunoichi to showcase. That said, it is a little less serious than Sasuke, or at least there are less serious elements. The athletes were a mix of serious competitors & people there on a lark, but in defense of the comedians & dilettantes (like Makoto Nagano's sister), they do seem to have trained hard & made an honest effort. Obviously Ayako Miyake is the best, but I liked Rie Komiya too; I made the mistake of calling her a "cutie pie" & Terra teased me mercilessly about that. Also of note: I woke up super early in the morning & went to the gym, which is the first time I've done that in a while.
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