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I would say that when PSY appeared at the Madonna concert, that was the pinacle of the evening. onatopofthings had bought Jenny & I tickets to go see Madonna during her MDNA tour at Madison Square Garden &...I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up to this morning-- or wait, I'll fast forward past all the work, to lunch. Ryan & Terra & I got lunch at Melt, which was mean! Terra & I were like, "do you want the macaroni & cheese restaurant or the grilled cheese restaurant?" & then went to the latter & didn't realize till we were sitting down that we were jerks because Ryan is lactose intolerant. This is not a surprise; I've known Ryan for like, over a dozen years, so I should have figured it out. He was all discombobulated from his flight into Metropolis, though, so we weren't the worst. After work, then, I met up with Stephanie to make a run to the Evolution Store in Soho so she could shop for a present for her husband. I was sort of vaguely browsing for holiday gifts, too, but alas that isn't really a place where Jenny's interests & mine overlap. Still, Stephanie found a cool rattlesnake head & purchased it, & then we parted ways & I walked over to Jenny's job in Chinatown & picked her up. Then it was over to Bianca, or well, Von & then Bianca. Ever since everyone demanded I go there on a date I've been adding Bianca into rotation in my life; if I need to eat in lower Manhattan, odds are I'll pick Bianca & the related wine bar Von next door. We had a liter of wine, ate some fried parsley, some beets & gorgonzola, & then I had boiled sausage & mashed potatoes. I didn't even finish, but we ordered pana cotta for desert anyhow. Decadant life at the end of the world. I didn't feel too bad about it-- it was Anthony Bourdain who suggested that we eat in lower Manhattan & tip heavily as a sort of hurricane relief. Mutual benefit is the best ethical outcome!

& then after that...Madonna! Or well, okay, that isn't entirely true either...after that, to Madison Square Garden to wait for Madonna! I've only been there once before-- with Ryan as well, to see the Spice Girls reunion tour-- & stadium shows aren't really my scene. I did flirt with the beer concessions woman though, so that is something. Yeah, we drank a lot of crummy beer in plastic cups alright! There was a DJ-- Martin Sloveig-- who had the thankless job of pumping the crowd up...& then a nice long wait after he left the stage. So the show itself! Well, when Madonna sang a song I knew, it was a lot of fun, but she mostly doesn't play the hits, so I was out in the cold for a lot of it. Still, spectacle! & her butt, definitely her butt, her butt was a big part of the show. Yes, Madonna, you are in very good shape! Her stripping down to her underwear & berating the audience to throw money on the stage was...weird. It was also theoretically hurricane relief, but it seems strange to demand money for hurricane the city where the hurricane hit? Ryan pointed out that everyone in the good seats is probably a celebrity or a wealthy person, which fine, but I don't know, that section of the show was off putting. The rest was fun, though! Especially watching the other people in the crowd. As I said, PSY's appearance was very welcome; PSY is more than a one hit wonder, I think. He's got all those oodles of charisma. Jenny wouldn't stop talking about it, actually, all his charisma. "Like a Prayer" was my favorite song, after that. It occurred to me that when your name is "Madonna," it is literally true that when you say her name, it's like a little prayer. & then home! Late night, later than I usually roll, but fun! I wanted to take a cab home but Jenny said the train & she was right, it was a fine ride home, despite having to make a few unusual transfers; again, the lingering hurricane messing up the system.
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