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The Plane of Shadow.

The Shadow Society by Marie Rutkoski.

My review for The Shadow Society is up, a book that I read a while back. You know I like Marie; we're friends! I own up to that pretty well in the review, I think; this isn't just a professional bias, but a personal one, which is much more compromising, I think. But! Don't let that make you think I don't mean it when I say glowing things! I liked her Middle Grade series, The Kronos Chronicles (though I still have to read the third one) but this is even better. It is a standalone, but I see plenty of opportunity to develop the world further, if she decides to revisit it later. Actually, speaking of those big "books I read but haven't reviewed yet" posts, I need to make another one so I don't loose my place. Anyhow, go read my review.
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