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Hurricane Sandworm.

Okay, so as I alluded to yesterday, there is a hurricane. Everyone saw this coming, so as we did for Hurricane Irene, we had a slumber party! Irene was pretty tame, but we didn't want that to lull us into a logical fallacy, you know? Sandy is a whole separate thing. Terra came down on Sunday, after fordmadoxfraud's AD&D game, & we hung out with Nino. Watched movies or whatever. Nino went home after that-- things were very mild-- & it is worth noting that Kira & Olivia are in California, visiting people on that coast. David left too, but ended up crashing at fatbutts & James' place when the Gowanus Canal started to overflow. So that is the score, ultimately: I live in Park Slope, & the eponymous "slope" goes up to Prospect Park & ultimately Greenwood Cemetery, the highest point in Brooklyn. The canal is the only "threat" to my neighborhood, & we're out of its footprint by a decent margin. We had no problems; light rain, medium winds, & the power flickered but only enough to make the television go off & then come back on again. I mean, the trains, tunnels & bridges are under water, & work is out of power, the phones are down & the servers are offline, so in that way I'm effected, but otherwise, nope. Terra was hit harder; her lodgers report that a tree took out her fence & another one put a hole in her window. So yeah, yesterday was a slumber party; I guess that is a hurricane thing, now? We played Small World; my commando sorcerers spawned stout homunculi who went immediately into decline to let the plague of underworld halflings loose on the world, & my game culminated with the were-kobolds. Hey, didn't Meepo become a were-velociraptor? Jenny played heroic pygmies, replaced by the scourge of wealthy barbarians & ultimately berserk humans, but neither her armies nor mine could stand up to Terra's mounted amazons, bivouacking elves & terrible mercenary pixies. A close game; 98 to 98 to 101. Then from there we met up with David again, & Lilly; we went to Apertivo for brunch. Jenny & I had just gotten dinner there on Saturday, too. So that is a good snapshot; places were open for brunch, where I live...though to be fair, after two carafes of mimosas & our lunches, the storm picked up & they started closing doors & battening down the hatches. We came back, were joined by Nino, & ultimately spent the rest of the night watching Role Models, which I really like. It is both funny & nerd positive. So that is where things stand; David & Terra spent the night here; I made breakfast & now we're watching the mayor on television. It is weird thinking about all the people watching NY1 at the same time as us; these days that never happens. Everyone really likes Bloomberg's American Sign Language translator. There is a crane knocked way a-kilter, which is impressive, & videos of transformer explosions are really sci-fi. I don't know when work will be re-opened, but we've got food & I bet the grocery store is open, anyhow. More to the point-- will any liquor store be open?
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