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Hail Vecna!

Alright; a quick recap of life, the universe & everything. On Sunday we saw Marie on a Young Adult literature panel (with the author of Shadow & Bone, among others) & then we meant to meet up with her at a speakeasy-style bar Back Room, which was nice. Alright! Which, Monday! Terra came over to watch the season finale of Adventure Time! "The Lich" was not what I expected! I mean, I figured out that Billy was the Lich immediately, I mean, I expected that, but when I heard it was going to be a "mythology" episode I thought it would be less cosmic. I'm really anxious for Finn to have a decisive final battle, but I'm more interested in the "mirror" universe, which has been alluded to more than once. Still-- here's to the Lich! Reminding everyone why Vecna is the scariest guy. Also, we drank some champagne & played some video games. Tuesday was a gym night, & then Jenny home at a reasonable time! There were sitcoms, I'm guessing. Oh & we argued for a bit. Wednesday was Television Night with David, fatbutts & James, with special guest Archie the dog. I showed them some more...well, some more Adventure Time! Because, let's all spread infectious memes is why! On Thursday I ran my game for James, Sam & Tracey, which was obviously great. Friday was just a nice hangout with Jenny. Saturday was suddenly really busy; we got breakfast, had the apartment cleaned, dismantled a bookshelf, rearranged the apartment, re-shelve all the books, then went to the framers, had three things framed-- well, one big thing, one set of four things, one set of three things-- & then went home & hurried to the gym. A busy day! Sunday was me at the gym then meeting Jenny's new friend Ahmed, then going to David's AD&D game. Dinner was a sudden crew of everyone, on account of the hurricane-- oh yeah, there is a hurricane-- with Nino, David & Terra all with us. We watched Cowboys & Aliens; it is not a very good movie. So today is a hurricane day-- no work, no nothing, just one big slumberparty & then brunch-- with the same crew as above, with Lilly in the mix, as well.
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