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The Tragedy of Hommlet.

Yesterday was fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth Advanced Dungeons & Dragons campaign, & it was an odd group! It was me, skycornerless & Emma; & we decided to leave the moat house & go to the town of Hommlet to get supplies & possibly magical support. Hommlet was founded just outside of The Temple of Elemental Evil, so they seem to have some sort of backbone when it comes to wandering monsters; spotters, a militia & a group of freed prisoners called Bernie's Badgers. Bernie & Rufus-- I can only think of Weekend at Bernie's & Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure-- are the heroes of a yesteryear, retired adventurers living in Hommlet. They seem like alright sorts, though Rufus, the wizard, doesn't know identify, which is the spell we really need someone to cast. Drat! According to the bartender at the Whispering Wench-- where the elves Curulókë of the Smiling Parliament & Vigda of the Lover's Fjord reunited with the halfling Dilly Terduckener-- the town is divided between the old faith of druidism (funny, he didn't look druish!) & the new gods of the clerics. The smith is a follower of the druid-lore, too, & has a secret cache of weapons. Everyone in Hommlet seems to have secrets! There is some sort of druidry going on at Emridy Meadows & we think about going there to investigate, but instead we decide to assassinate the tanner-- who we know is a member of the Cult of the Temple of Elemental Evil, & who has been hanging out with an assassin. An assassin as in, Curulókë as a member of the Brotherhood of Thieves recognizes him as belonging to both the class & the trade. Curulókë & Dilly stakeout the tannery, but Vigda decides not to show up & to go to Emridy Meadows on her own. When Curulókë tries to kill the tanner, it goes south-- he's got fifty-some hit points! He & Dilly aren't enough to keep him in check, so the tanner escapes using dust of disappearance . We give chase-- of a sort, since we can't see the invisible-- & find the assassin, lurking in the under-construction fort. There is a hue & cry-- someone has been murdered, my guess is Rufus-- & we lose the assassin too. I only had one hit point-- in the fight with the tanner I stopped & cauterized my wound with a candle-- so I didn't follow him solo when he galloped off. & that is where we left it till next time!
Tags: adnd, dnd, stories of our youth

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