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Pax Lupine.

Peace by Gene Wolfe.

I have a review of Gene Wolfe's Peace up at, though it is almost more a sales pitch. It is no secret that I like Gene Wolfe; I mean, I rant & rave about him whenever the opportunity presents itself. Recently, talking to Brian, I realized I typically use the Solar Cycle books as intro. Handing over The Book of the New Sun to people who I think might like convoluted, clever & brilliant or The Book of the Long Sun to people who like narrative accessibility & genius. What about all the other intro points, though? Latro in the Mists et al. could hook the historical fiction buffs, or The Wizard Knight for fantasy geeks. Well, from that perspective, maybe I should use Peace to hook the readers of literary fiction, your Franzens or what have you. I have a lot of those people in my circle-- people who I think would really find Wolfe rewarding but are perhaps put off by the genre trappings. Peace might be a tool to overcome that bias. I reviewed it as part of "Ghost Week", leading up to Halloween, so I mean, obviously Peace is spooky, but I think you could define it as...what, American Magical Realism? Southern Gothic Horror? Okay, probably not the latter, but I wanted to mush all those words together to see what it looked like.
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