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Clanbook Tremere. (79)

Blood Sorcery by Benjamin Baugh, David Brookshaw, David A. Hill Jr. & Travis Stout.

Remember how, back in the old World of Darkness, they had scads & scads, oodles & oodles, of various blood magic sourcebooks? Thaumaturgy was either a carefully held secret of Clan Tremere...or you know, a diverse body of knowledge practiced by Tremere, Serpents of Light, Tzimisce, Assamites, dilettantes, sort of the Giovanni, etc. It was sort of a mess, frankly. The new Vampire: the Requiem made blood magic a social issue, not a bloodline one, which helped window it more intelligently. You could get your blood magic from joining the Lancea Sanctum, the Circle of the Crone, or maybe some weird dead coven. It just highlights the philosophical changes between Vampire: the Masquerade & Requiem , or heck, between the old World of Darkness & the new. Making things less straightjacketed & more open ended means that there is more room to play around without having everyone be a crazy exception to the rule. Anyhow, I picked this book up for the same reason I picked up Witch Finders: it has an alternate system of magic. Since I use the World of Darkness rules to run my Oubliette campaign, that has value to me, at least in theory. I made house rules for making Rituals into Merits, which was...well, ad hoc & not really what I wanted. I feel similarly about the rules here, actually; they are sort of Mage light, but they aren't streamlined down as much as I'd like. Sort of my problem with Mage: the Awakening in a nutshell; if you make a flexible magic system but find your book filled with specific spells, then your flexible magic system has failed. Here, it isn't that exactly but rather-- if you make a flexible magic system & find your book filled with lists of mechanics...well, then it isn't exactly working. I'm sure it works fine in playtesting-- it doesn't seem broken or too difficult to learn-- but it isn't as elegant as I want. I want to make the Storyteller mechanics even more streamlined, personally, so that is what I'm looking for. Sleek, sexy mechanics. I think between the end of my current campaign & the next I might make some big overhauls to the system.
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