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VIJ. (78)

VII by Christopher Kobar, Chuck Wendig & Greg Stolze.

The Seven Sleepers,
rotting in their tombs of jade,
sending forth their dreams.

I haven't read a World of Darkness book in a while, so I picked one up at my local hobby shop. An old one, based on one of the "mystery" covens from Vampire: the Requiem. You remember back how in the original material for Vampire: the Masquerade, the Sabbat was basically a frightening bogey man, with very little known about them? Well, when they kicked off Reqiuem they created two groups like that, Belial's Brood, which are a bunch of Satanists, & VII, which is a total cipher. They will kill you for...some reason? This book tries to speculate on what that reason might be, on what VII actually is. Of course, this is the new World of Darkness, so rather than just burst the bubble of the mystery by defining it, this book speculates on three possible answers to that question. It really is a philosophy that has stood them in good stead, as it keeps the universe expanding & flexible, instead of closing it in, which was a problem that latter sourcebooks for the old World of Darkness had-- everything was just cramped, between all the zillions of supernatural critters & the looming metaplot. I like options, I like ideas, I like hints & allegations & mysteries. The three options though, I'm not really all that crazy about. The survivors of Gomorrah is the most interesting; the Manchurian Candidate is the least, but has the best mechanics to steal, so that works out nicely for me. I would have liked more Disciplines, more optional rules, but you know me-- I just want every World of Darkness book to be Mirrors.
Tags: books, haiku, kobar, rpgs, stolze, wendig, wod

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