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Shadows of a Dead Sun.

I watched Dark Shadow last night with Jenny; I can see how that movie got zero traction. It isn't bad per se, but it never quite makes up its mind about what it wants to be, & it tried to remedy that by throwing in everything & the kitchen sink. Sometimes Burton's signature hyper-saturated palate & camp come together, but it never really resolves into focus. A better movie might have taken the Barnabas & Angelique love triangle & just focused on that, without throwing in ghosts & werewolves & doctors stealing vampire blood. I get it, the original Dark Shadows was a crazy soap opera, but you aren't a soap opera, you are a movie. The format matters. Besides, isn't there already a successor to Dark Shadows called True Blood? Really, what struck me was how a blonde Eva Green doing an American accent is a striking match for a young Pam from True Blood. What a cast on that movie, too: I don't care about Depp but I was charmed by him here, & you know, along with everyone else in the world I adore Eva Green & Chloë Grace Moretz. This is the second time I've seen Bella Heathcote, & the second time I've liked her style. Jackie Earle Haley & Jonny Lee Miller are both actors I really like, too. With Michelle Pfeiffer & Helena Bonham Carter, the movie covers everything from "big names" to "cult actors," you know? Still, the movie was just...a bunch of scenes stitched together, heading toward a fairly formulaic conclusion. Hrmph. I liked it despite itself, sort of? I had a fondness for it as "easy viewing." Putting it on as a low stakes option. Low "stakes." Puns, everybody! That was basically yesterday! My allergies were going nuts all day, my nose just dripped like a leaky faucet. Jenny was sick, so we were both a mess. I went to fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth AD&D game, then came home &...well, really that was just about it. I got nothin'. Except I somehow ended up staying up till three o' clock in the morning. Allergies, plus a stomach ache, & a sick just didn't work. I should probably try to recap my week at some point today, & I want to go to the gym & do laundry. Instead I'm sitting on the couch watching Saturday Night Live.
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