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Little Mordicai, Necromancer.

Aw, look, that is me in the lower right corner, a little baby Mordicai! He's so cute. This newspaper article isn't very well cited-- that is Cortney, not Lauren, holding the evidence bag-- but it is a quick peek into the past. Hello, undergrad! Spoiler alert; those pigs died in horrific ways! Well, really they were killed at the butcher shop, but their whole carcasses were dressed in clothes by Linda, then one of them Linda stabbed thirty times & then scalped. The other one she propped up against a barn & she & her boyfriend shot it full of a couple of clips of ammo. Then she buried 'em both, let them rot for nine months, & then set us loose on her property. We had to find them, excavate them & prepare profiles of the killing. It started raining midway through; a huge mess. The rest of the semester was just me, a guy with a cyborg tattoo sleeve & a sorority girl, hanging out in the back lab-- full of pickled punks-- & defleshing the skeleton. A lot of fun & easily the best final I ever had. Anyhow, I found this article in a roleplaying notebook, & I figured I would finally scan it for posterity. There I am! The Once & Future King of the Undead.
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