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Memories of My Melancholy Bored.

Alright, so Wednesday is easy. No Television Night, but that same group all went to get fancy food & fancy beer at Beer Table. Simple enough! Thursday was a laid back day; I was thinking I might go to the gym, but I was seduced into friendship, instead! I went to Kat's apartment with Matt. They had some errands to run, & I thought I was holding down the fort for other people to arrive, but instead they came back before too long & I beat some Kingdom Rush levels on my phone. Die, end boss! We hung out for a bit, until a friend of Kat's showed up, at which point we all split to go our own ways. My way being back to the apartment to watch some Adventure Time & wait for Jenny to get home. She did & we watched some mediocre sitcom-- Animal Hospital is not funny-- & a sort of promising detective show. Elementary, you were boring, but I like Lucy "I collect your fuckin' head" Liu & Johnny "hack the planet" Lee Miller, so I will give it a chance. Friday Terra came over after work; we were going to go to the gym together-- which we did once before-- but my stomach was all jacked up so instead we played New Super Mario Brothers & watched some Adventure Time. Man, the episode with the hyperintelligent sphinx, the eponymous "Goliad", really got to me. I am spooked by sphinxes like nobody's business. Okay! So then on Saturday morning I went to the gym, then I played AD&D, & then after the game fordmadoxfraud walked to go meet Jenny with baby Olivia & fatbutts with doggy Archie in Prospect Park. We played there for a while-- Olivia got excited realizing that the baseball diamond was "one big sand"-- & then broke away. Handed off Olivia to Kira & Nino & then came home to watch Doctor Who, which probably deserves its own post.
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