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The Man of Gold. (75)

Superman Chronicles Volume Six by Jerry Siegal, et al.

The Tomorrow Man!
Able to leap small buildings,
& one day, to fly!

I have read a bunch of Silver Age Superman stories but not a lot of Golden Age Superman, so this was a nice treat. These stories are...really weird! They actually are as subversive as they have been billed to be: Superman fights corporations as often as crooks. Let me do a quick rundown; there is a corrupt "modeling agent" talen scout, still relevant today. There is a corrupt astrologer with a "military secrets" angle, Superman versus the Hilter Youth's racist Olypmpics, Clark Kent as police commissioner-- maybe the best of the bunch-- Superman defending scientists against a Luddite witch-hunt, & a story about South American native peoples that might not be good but is surprisingly not that racist. Corporate graft, a radioactive man & a spoiled socialite-- that might as well be Paris Hilton-- round it out. Actually, this is still pretty topical, but maybe that is just because we are in the age of the New Robber Barons. Lois Lane isn't treated very well by Superman, but she doesn't seem to care; she's a bad ass. This Superman doesn't kill people but he doesn't always save everybody either. That is the "Nolan morality," I guess. I enjoyed this a whole bunch; it made me think a lot about Fletcher Hanks, too.
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