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Weekend Update With Seth & Amy.

Alright, quick recap of life, the universe & everything. Let me see here, Thursday was covered, I watched Adventure Time with Terra & failed at getting sushi for Jenny; that is about it. Friday! Alright, we haven't touched Friday. I had lunch with Cherise, who is sadly leaving the company. She's not going far, so I think we can continue our periodic lunch dates, so it isn't the end of the world or anything. After work I walked down Broadway with Matt & . We stopped in Kit Marlowe & Co. to say hello to fordmadoxfraud & ended up kidnapping him! We ended up at Botanica, which is a dive bar I used to go to like, twice a week six years ago or so. That is weird; I'm not sure why, but there you go. Anyhow, it hasn't really changed at all, not a jot or iota. We met up with Jocelyn on the way there & shortly after we arrived Kat showed up. We had a few drinks & then headed over to Kat's apartment, where Jocelyn's friend Ariel met up with us. We hung out there for a while; eventually Matt had to duck out to go meet Katy, which I wanted to be a part of, but instead I ended up going home. Jenny had said I shouldn't stay out late, but I took that to mean "so we can hang out" but she didn't mean that; she stayed out till really late playing beer pong at work so I ended up just watching more Adventure Time till I was to sleepy to wait up any longer.

Saturday was pretty alright, too. I got up early with Jenny & we went to Daisy's for breakfast while the cleaning guy was working on our apartment. Oh, I guess that bears a little more context! So, ranai moved out of Spare Oom & back to Queens. Now we've got that room back so we can turn it into our den of iniquity. Or fill it with sewing supplies & Oubliette stuff, actually. Miniatures & fabric & whatnot. When breakfast was over, Jenny split for her weekly massage-- luxury!-- & I went to the gym. I put in an hour & a half, but with three patches of cardiovascular work, which "counts" but isn't really pushing it, you know? I didn't want to go too hard, since I just got over being sick, & I plan on going today. I felt much better, though, afterward. I came home, took a shower, & headed out to go play AD&D. After a nice game-- I'm proud of the dead ogres but more proud of killing the orc chieftain & fixing the fountain-- I came home to find Jenny babysitting Olivia. That was fun; I picked her up by her wrists & ankles & called her "hog tied" & she liked that. She also liked hiding in the closet, which we expected she'd think was scary. What wasn't expected was her meltdown: Jenny put a temporary tattoo of a mustache on the inside of her forearm & Olivia did not like that. She was sobbing, horrified, even after Jenny got it off with rubbing alcohol.

We went over to Kira & Nino's for dinner-- Kira made lamb, with a sauce & a salad made out of our CSA vegetables-- & Olivia was even more mystifying. She was over it, & didn't seem afraid of mustaches; she related the events really clearly, too. "Monicai brought two bottle." Well, I did, I brought the rubbing alcohol & nailpolish remover. I was just grabbing bottles! Weird detail, but accurate. Anyhow, after we left there Jenny & I came home & watched some of The New Normal. That...that show is really weird. One of the main characters is just a huge homophobic racist? Which they condemn, but still, weird. Also the surrogate mother is like, in really dire straights? & the gay couple have...plausible discrimination against them? It is...that show is weird. I agree that Modern Family has a fairly sanitized worldview-- the problems are "sitcom problems," not real issues-- but I'm not sure if The New Normal's style of surrealism interrupted by the ocasional slur is the solution. It was...uncomfortable, but mesmerizing? Verdict is still out; we watched like, three episodes, but I'll check back to see how I feel. Now it is Sunday, huh? Just starting; all we've done is drink coffee, I had some corned beef hash & eggs, & we watched Saturday Night Live. Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosted; the march of history is weird. Who would have expected that the kid from Third Rock from the Sun would be universally well regarded? Anyhow, the hip-hop fashion show-- "The Finer Things"-- was my favorite sketch, probably because, well, just for the record, if that was a real show? I'd watch it. I always like it when hip hop artists get famous & then make songs that aren't about the streets at all. No kidding Will Smith-- when he bothers to rap-- is all like "I am cool, I do cool things, na na na, rap song!" Yeah, Will Smith is not, in fact, hardcore. "Keeping it real" entails, you know, real life. Like, hey Jay-Z, you are super rich, have a cool wife & a daughter. You do not have ninety-nine problems, because you have a ton of cash to make problems go away. You do have a wife & daughter though, but I would advise that you not call them misogynistic slurs. Keep it real!
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