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Lar Gand. (74)

Mon-El, Man of Valor Volume Two by James Robinson, Javier Pina, Bernard Chang, Fernando Dagnino, et al.

Monday of House El,
will face his ultimate foe:
Solomon Grundy.

So this was actually...pretty good! It certainly is very pretty, & it shows a deft hand at trying to weave Silver Age continuity into modern plot lines. Daxam as a Kryptonian colony from once upon a time, that sort of thing. The biggest problem with this comic is that it comes into being only because of a credulity straining "event"-- I'm finding that to be a theme, actually, in the superhero comics I'm reading. Any sense of narrative flow is interrupted by big, silly crossover events. I remember this "New Krypton" thing; that was just about when everyone I knew stopped reading dailies. This trade is, like I said, pretty good. It does a good job of showcasing Mon-El, who is free to be a real character. You know, he's not hampered by licensing & such, so he doesn't have to be neutered; sure, Mon-El, take a shower with that lady, you are both consenting adults. The problem is that, well, this trade collects "Superman Secret Files 2009 1," Superman Annual 14," "Superman 692-697" & "Adventure Comics 11." Those transitions are all sloppy, & presuppose that you've been reading the rest of the stuff in the crossover, which, well, I didn't. Can you tell that I pretty much hate event-driven comics? Everything is constantly Crisis in DC, &, Marvel is all "oh no, a guy with Lucky Charms Tron powers is giving everyone Lucky Charm Tron powers! PS this is an allegory about politics!" I didn't know this was Volume Two-- the library sticker covers up the spine-- but I didn't notice till right now when I came to write it up. Oh can I say-- I was really happy to see The Guardian in this. Jack Kirby is the man, & his Superman supporting cast should always show up. The Guardian fits in Metropolis. I am a little bummed that it wasn't the Manhattan Guardian from Seven Soldiers though. I guess, looking at Wikipedia, the Manhattan Guardian is, paradoxically, located in Cinderella City? Oh Grant. Anyhow, I like "clone of the original Guardian" a lot, too. Very DNA Project, very Cadmus; a natural evolution. I guess what I'm saying is, this was a pleasant surprise.
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