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Rama & the Titans. (72)

Teen Titans: Prime of Life by J.T. Krul, Nicola Scott, et al.

Diana, Durga,
Wonder Girl, hektonchire,
Beast Boy, Hanuman.

This was a little bit better than the last sickday comic I read, but it wasn't a genius comic or anything. The first arc was promising-- messing with Indian mythology instead of Greek mythology-- but it is sort of undercut by the new hero, who is pretty bland, & Raven's inner turmoil, which is meaningless. Beast Boy as Hanuman is a lot of fun, though. I wasn't unhappy reading it, though there were way to many "minibosses" in the arc. The second half is a random meaningless slugfest with Superboy-Prime, & really? I don't care. Was it mandated by some huge company-wide crossover event or something? There are clones of Conner Kent Superboy-- a "bald Superboy," a "Reign of the Supermen Superboy" & a...another Superboy that is meaningless to me. That there...could be a whole story arc, that is a neat idea. Indigo is back; oh, her whole "secret Brainiac" storyline was good, but here she's a mook. It is a cluttered brawl comic, you know? The Superboy clones get stabbed in the heart with kryptonite, & while Conner says something like "that was me, I was a blank slate like them once," it isn't ever addressed. A missed opportunity.
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