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Spending My Sick Days.

On Sunday I was all "maybe I'm not hungover, maybe I'm sick?" & then on Monday I was like "oh crud I'm sick." Seriously, is that how it happens for everyone else? You're all "oh I am so sad, I have the poet's disposition!" & then your wife is like "did you drink a lot last night?" or "did you eat lunch?" or whatever, & then you are all "oh yeah, I'm just hungry, I don't understand what emotions even are." So anyhow, I woke up on Monday & I was just a mess of bodily fluids-- like the ones in my nose, dude, get your mind out of the gutter-- & coughs & aches & breaky hearts & so I called in sick. Not only was I miserable & gross, but I've got an ethical imperative not to get everyone else sick, right? Right. Well it turns out that Jenny was sick too; she got to work & then turned around & came right home. Two peas in a pod! Which might have turned into a cuddle party, or might have turned into cabin fever, but instead was just like, regular fever. We mostly took separate naps & did our own thing. I read Dave Gross' new book, cover to cover. I'll probably make a post out of it, or out of all three of his Count Jeggare & Radovan books, anyhow. We also watched three episodes of Leverage, "The Broken Wing Job," "The Rundown Job" & "The Frame-Up Job." Of the three, "The Rundown Job" was by far the best; it just all came together. I've been saying that this season's "nurture the team" arc is going to result in everyone building their own group, or at least getting sidekicks, & I stand by that. I also predicted that the painting in "The Frame-Up Job" was going to be naked Sophie, though I didn't see the fake wall thing, I thought that was clever, as was the "Agent Tennant & Agent Smith" joke.
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