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A Fistful of Daleks.

Saturday was a big day! I played Dungeons & Dragons all afternoon, then had a book club meeting all night & then Jenny & I topped off the evening with the newest episode of Doctor Who, "A Town Called Mercy." This episode had caused a bit off buzz when the season preview aired, on account of how the Doctor points a gun at someone, which I said seemed silly, on account of how previous incarnations have done the same thing & about how it was almost certainly a moral lesson about pointing guns at people, anyhow. Which it, in fact, was. More to the point, it was addressing the ramifications of the previous episode, & about the Doctor's increasingly distorted moral compass. The Doctor needs rules & ethics, because he's a genocidal lunatic, you know? Also, the Doctor needs companions, because...well, he's a mad man with a box. Also the episode had Ben Browder! Hey, remember how wonderful Farscape was? Thanks for the reminder via stunt casting. For me the episode was enjoyable, but didn't have any of the emotional cheap shots that I think sometimes elevate the story. Or well, sometimes the shots are cheap, & sometimes they aren't, & sometimes it doesn't matter that they are cheap-- "Vincent & the Doctor" for instance is full of wonderful cheap shots-- as long as they work. This show was mostly devoid of shots, which I'm not actually trying to sound critical of! The series needs to have adventures & it needs to have ethical conundrums, those are part of the formula too. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I don't really have a unified thesis on this episode. It is nice to see the Christmas List joke extended, & it is nice to see that the show continues to have character arcs.
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