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Ardmagar Ancalagon the Black.

After the Stories Of Our Youth AD&D game, fordmadoxfraud just followed me back to my apartment, because we were segueing right into The Eleven-Books Club. The book was Seraphina by Rachel Hartman., which is about...dragons & music & ecclesiastical trappings. It was Terra's pick, & she was the next to join up with me & Jenny & David. A few text messages later I found out that there were a slew of cancellations, but the other Jenny & Carmen showed up, & we'd all read the book all the way to the end, so that counts for something! I think that the big reveal that came out of the discussion for me was that I would have liked the book better if it was about elves? Which isn't actually what I mean, but-- well, the dragons in the book are Others, & they are effective Others. Making them Vulcans & implying that the evolutionary psychology behind that was their brains being required to do aeronautical calculations all the time is a nice trick. That said, I felt like the shapeshifting element them? Like, part of being a dragon is the...being a giant scaled creature, & the ease of transformation really took the wind out of that. So yeah, it might have been better if the dragons were some other critter, for me, or if they had been more...dragon-y. Jenny & I had a bit of enthusiastic recommendation of Tooth & Claw & then talked about how affecting I found Among Others. David & I talked about Derren Brown & how awesome he is & how everyone should watch a bunch of YouTube clips of his, since we don't have a lot of other options here in the United States. We all agreed that being part of a series drastically weakened the book; too many unfired Chekhov's Guns & tangling plot hooks, unfinished threads, to much "half-closure." It was a late night, fueled by no small amount of wine.
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