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Life goes on! Let me see here. On Wednesday we played half of a game of Fiasco, I already covered that. Oh! On Thursday I got together with a bunch of Gothamist Trolls. You know, I've done this once before-- we went to Karaoke!-- & it was a lot of fun. We have an email thread that is just out of control-- probably a hundred messages a day or so. It sort of fills the role that forums or newsgroups used to. Anyhow, it is nice to have a place to meet people outside of my usual demographics; meeting people in the neighborhood or friends of friends or professionally can constrain my horizons. We went to The Patriot Saloon which was an okay dive; it is sort of a little too Coyote Ugly on account of being in SoHo, but whatever. Pitchers of Blue Moon is a thing I can deal with. Terra came with me & ranai met us there. Trollathon! Those folks are a-okay. After that Danielle & I walked over to Jenny's job in Chinatown-- along the way, I realized I was drunk-- & then we came home & watched The Soup. Yesterday was totally different...but totally the same. After work Terra came over to go to the gym with me! But first, we waited with a girl whose cell phone had been stolen. She lives in my building-- in my old apartment in fact-- & was waiting outside for the cops to show up, & we kept her company. Oh! Fun story. When Jenny set up the wireless internet, she set up a guest account, to give to our friends. Or regular internet is called "killercrusher" but this was named after our apartment number. When we moved, she didn't change the name, so it is just "## guest." Which means that this girl-- who now lives in our old apartment-- had been seeing "## guest" pop up...which is creepy as heck! I had a good chuckle about that. The gym was fun; we were there for an hour & forty-five minutes, which is a lot, but we were alternating machines, taking turns, "working in," so it wasn't so crazy. Today is Eleven-Books Club so we'll see if she's feeling sore. After that she left, I hung out with Danielle & played some Resident Evil-- I killed "It" & Krauser-- & then Jenny came home really late & we stayed up even later drinking whiskey & watching The Graham Norton Show. Today? Well, before book club there is fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth AD&D campaign.
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