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The Rune Mage & the Giant-Slayer. (68)

Rise of the Runelords by Paizo.

The wise witch-king, Xin,
left seven lieutenants who
each gave in to sin.

I have a post at about the Rise of the Runelords campaign, where I admit that my primary take away was "I want to play this" & "here are the various characters I might want to play" & "also give me all those miniatures!" It really is a nice adventure path, going from low to high level while somehow managing to maintain a sense of continuity, which is a deft trick to pull off. I don't think this is actually the sixty-eighth book I've read; I'm behind on reviews & they are disjointed between the smaller ones I write about here & the ones I put together for Tor. That is just the way the cookie crumbles. To make up for it, here is a lovecraftian spider. They have ioun stones!

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