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Magic Man.

That's Jocelyn, Brian, Kat, Terra & Matt on Thursday, when we had a big Cooking Experiment. No Jenny, alas, but at least her schedule has gone from her coming home after midnight to her coming home after nine. Little things, & not really enough, but something, & at this point I'll take it. We started watching Bunheads but I still don't care-- just like, "where is Lorelai?" I don't really know what I do with my time. Or well, I do; I read those Rothfuss books like a chainsaw. I went to the gym; I've been okay about getting back on the schedule after a couple of weeks of technically being on the schedule but not really trying very hard. Terra's husband is in China, so we've been hanging out to keep her distracted from that; more Adventure Time, & like I said, when Marceline is there, it is good. No Television Night-- Jenny had work, & fordmadoxfraud had rush, so it was called off. A whole lot of nothing, but I'm okay with that. The Family Dinner on Thursday was fun; Matt has a trick where he melts blue cheese & panko crumbs on top of steak, so...yes. Now it is the weekend, & my chance to hang out with Jenny! We watched the 70's Leverage episode where they...catch D.B. Cooper? That is a funny show. Jenny is fussy, but I didn't notice till just now; we'll wait till we drink our coffee & then set out in search of adventure. Maybe we'll see that new Batman movie. First brunch...& I think brunch drinks.
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