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Zen & the Art of Dystopia.

You know, my mood improved considerably once I was able to spend a couple of hours with my wife. A mystery how that works, huh? Yesterday was really just a pretty lazy day, though things did get done. We watched an episode of Leverage, "The Gimme a K Street Job," which is a mix of a cheerleading movie heist with a political insider spoof. Fun, but it didn't have a lot of teeth, which has been true so far this season. No bite. Maybe when the Big Bad shows up that will change. Then Jenny went to go see a friend & I went to the gym. A nice work out, over an hour & a half, but I'll need to go again today for a hard clip before I feel like I'm changing my habits for the better. Or well; okay, I was still going three times a week, but I was erring on the side of shorter sessions rather than longer, so I just need to get a little more self-discipline back. After that Jenny came home & watched the Glee movie, which was...well, I like Heather Morris' Brittany & I like Chris Colfer's Kurt but I don't care about that show at all. The best I can say about it is that maybe the Bible Belt is right & it is "poisoning" the minds of youth by portraying gay people are people, even if it isn't always the most progressive or un-problematic portrayal? My real problem, of course, is that they stopped doing mash-ups. After that we ordered Chinese food, opened a bottle of wine & put on The Hunger Games. I think the Hunger Games books are fine; the first is enjoyable, the second is an unnecessary re-tread & the third is a bit trite, but I like them alright. The movie's biggest flaw is that it suffers from the lessons of Harry Potter. Yes, you can make a Young Adult movie that is super long, but that doesn't mean you should. It could have done with having a half hour trimmed. Still, Jennifer Lawrence, you are basically the best. Now though, I want Mythbusters to get a bunch of cake designers & try to recreate Peeta's camouflage . Today? Well, Jenny woke up, but only long enough to come into the living room & fall asleep on the couch.
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