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Moai & Sphinxes.

I've been terrible at writing, lately. I don't have an excuse! Well, that isn't true. I do. Or more really, reasons. Like-- Jenny has been working ungodly hours, so I've been trying to cope with that by being social, or playing Fiasco, or going to the gym or...well, or failing at coping with that & just staying up too late drinking too much. An adult "too much," not a dangerous "too much." Like, I haven't been a disaster or anything, just trying to fill up my time, which means that there hasn't been a good chunk to just sit down & write. Or if there has been, I've been busy reading The Name of the Wind, which is pretty amazing. Right now it is "Ender's Game but at Hogwarts," which is fun. I've been bad at blogging about books but only because I want to do more substantial reviews of them for, & while (as I mention above) I haven't been so much busy-- though I have been!-- I've been too occupied with emotional labor, so to speak. Oh so wait! I have been doing things. No wait, I haven't. I've had a few nice lunches with people, & I had an important work meeting that went well, but I think the only "thing" I've done this week is go to Terra's birthday party last night.

It was two of the usual crowd-- the friends from the sales team that she knows through me originally, & the friends from the editorial team that I know through her-- & one of the semi-unusual, since her husband brought a host of the computer people he knows with him. Oh & there were internet people ahoy, too; this week I met in passing several people I only know online. The joint was Whiskey Town, & it was actually really okay there. It was a little "East Village"-y where the bars are sort of over-groomed with vanity t-shirts or whatever, but it also was a little dive-y, without going too far in either direction. Jenny showed up & we had a lovely time, but left before things got too late; Jenny was exhausted, so we just came home &watched The Newsroom. This two part episode was a little naïve...while I'm willing to buy a news team trying to actually tell the news instead of act like a tabloid, I find it a little unbelievable that they would think that a hardball televised primary would go over well. Though trying to imagine that world...would the 2008 election have been like, Dennis Kucinich versus Ron Paul? That would kind of have been amazing. After that, we watched about ten minutes of The Glass House, in which the crazy girl came off the best, since everyone admitted to basically gaslighting her. Then, immediately to bed!
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