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A Nautical Fiasco!

After cracking the seal on Fiasco last Saturday, I knew I would play again, soon. That small Southern town only whetted my appetite, & besides, I'd made too many other people watch the TableTop episode; they were all ready & raring to go. Heck, they still are, since Kat had to drop out at the last minute & Terra didn't play. There is like, a whole third wave who still have yet to play. Last night, however, was me, Matt, Jocelyn & Brian in a great vintage cruise liner disaster. We played "Transatlantic"-- which you can download here-- which is a sort of "story of the Titanic" setting for the Fiasco. Flash fact: I was born on the day that the Titanic finished sinking! So, the four of us went to Matt's apartment, poured the champagne, ordered pizza, & toasted, joking that we really ought to smash the bottle of champagne on the bow of the ship to inaugurate its launch.

On board the RMS Leviathan, I played Eugene Zuckerberg, the genius bon vivant. Brian was my eccentric uncle Levi Zuckerman, who changed his name for radio; he was a big time announcer & planned on taking the secret that my father took to the grave to his grave too. That secret? That Jocelyn's character, Sarsaparilla Hopscotch, was my sister...& his niece, which makes their sexual liaison in the flashback to a brothel in Calcutta all the more prurient. Marie Esmerelda von Volumine was Matt's (male) character, a fellow hedonist & the former husband of Sarsaparilla, who killed my father (Levi's brother) Eli in Calcutta years ago in a case of mistaken identity, because Sarsaparilla had unrequited love for Levi Zuckerman. Marie & Sarsparilla had sworn an oath to keep the details secret, & only their falsified divorce papers said the truth.

The first act was filled with drunk dinner scenes & love triangles; no one having any idea how incestuous things were, except Brian's character, & even his incestuous angle we didn't figure out till Act Two. Somewhere in the mix there was a ticking time bomb, & since Matt & Brian established that my character was a genius squandering his talent, & also established that Matt's character Marie was a anti-Semite, I decided that my character Eugene was the bombsmith. Matt & Brian's scene ended with a judo throw off the side of the boat-- which led to Marie & Saraparilla having a scene, as Marie didn't fall to his death or to the water, but rather hit his head on a lower deck-- & I took the opportunity to plant a device in Marie's room, thinking him dead. The boat, you see, was owned by a bunch of brown shirts in Germany, part of the rising Hitler's inner circle. That scene also led to me blackmailing Sarsaparilla into having sex with was a terrible fiasco! The whole first act the divorce papers went from hand to hand-- over the course of the story, every character held them at least for a scene.

The Tilt was fear leads to a fateful decision & love rears its ugly head, chosen by Brian & Matt, but we almost didn't even need it. The closing scene ended with the bomb going off-- BOOM!-- & we decided to start the second act with a round of flashbacks! Brian & Jocelyn established their unrequited love: Eli Zuckerberg was the poet & Levi Zuckerman was the voice, like Moses & Aaron. Sarsaparilla & Marie were fighting. In Calcutta for a reading, Levi picked up a groupie-- Saraparilla-- who mistook the words he was reading for his own. They had sex, & Eli-- played by me in the flashback-- figured out that she was his daughter, the product of a similar poetry tour sixteen years ago. Aghast! The jealous Marie burst in & put a bullet in my face. That easy! We were really flying through the scenes in the second act. There was still more to tell; back in the main timeline it was lifeboats & rescues, flotsam & jetsam.

Things ended up strange! I hadn't gotten a lot of dice-- none in the first act, & two black in the second-- & Eugene ended up adrift in the middle of the empty Atlantic with just a life ring around him, reading RMS Leviathan. Marie took the worst beating; head cracked open from a fall, covered in third degree burns from the bomb, Levi held him in the water even as the sharks took bites from him. Then Sassy-- that is what we called Sarsaparilla, mostly-- pieced together the terrible secret of the incest & made sense of it in the context of the murder. Things to a decided turn towards Magical Realism when the mermaids showed up. They towed everyone to safety & to a pleasure island, but even that couldn't stop our tragic trajectory. Marie died in Dresden as the bombs fell. Sarsaparilla ended up back in the brothel in essentially Mata Hari. Eugene too ended up back in Calcutta-- figuring out the secret-- but in doing so led the two Nazi SS agents who were following him right to the center of the spy ring. Levi's voice was ruined by the smoke, & he ended up in Calcutta too, just in time to be in the middle of everything. What a fiasco!

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