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The Mines of Moria.

Illefarn! The abandoned & doomed city of the dwarves! In fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth campaign, the first module he's been using is Under Illefarn, & after...a not brief number of sessions, we are finally there! Not beneath it yet, but present! That counts for something. last session ended with an earthquake & a lizardfolk attack. This session picked right up there in the continuity; Aeryn-- the human thief, played by Alicia-- dragging the dead elf druid Nara's body into the church while Oney-- James' elf ranger-- & my elf thief Curulókë tried to help people out around town. A dwarf was trapped under a ton of rubble, & trying to use a block & tackle to lift it off, Curulókë rolled a critical failure & crushed him...& then looted the rings off his fingers. You never know! It is weird to play a system where rolling a 20 is a bad thing. Anyhow, disheartened by his failure to rescue the dwarf, Curulókë decided that the right thing to do was to ignore the cries for help around him & make for the Duke's library. After all, the evil in Illefarn is ultimately responsible for these attacks; stopping it at the source will save more lives in the net summary. Also, Curulókë is True Neutral-- I figure as a sort of utopian communalist, he is more interested in being neutral between law & chaos-- good & evil is almost academic. So off he went to try to find the secret location of Illefarn; after we rescued the elf king Mellendryk he told us the place was hidden & had wards around it keeping out elves of the Laughing Wood, so we had to actually hit the books. Except, once I got to the duke's palace-- giving a big thumbs up to the looters, go ahead & redistribute that wealth!-- I was reminded that I can't read! I keep forgetting; I just take literacy for granted. Still, I can look at the pictures, & I found something, something interesting-- an invisible page! Dunno how to read it yet, but I found it. Meanwhile, Oney & Aeryn met Vigna, skycornerless' new character, an elf/mage from the Lover's Fjord. Curulókë, if you recall, is an envoy from the Smiling Parliament; Vigna is similar, sent by her people to deal with this situation. We eventually questioned the dwarf Redbeard that we rescued from a burning town, & he gave us a rough idea where Illefarn was. Off we went! I figured out the the medal I stole from Darkstrider is actually an amulet of mind reading or something, so that is pretty great. I don't know what the Laughing Wood charm does, but I know it is magical! I used the amulet to read the mind of a hermit living in the wood-- it wasn't helpful-- & then tada! Like I said! We got to Illefarn!
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