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That's a Little Innuendo.

I know I've been bad at keeping track of things; chalk it up to me scurrying around. You know, I don't usually believe people when they say they are "busy." I get it, I have a job & a life, there is stuff to do. You have to prioritize! & this recent spat of being busy is exactly the same; I haven't been dying, but I've been a mix of helter-skelter swamped, combined with sort of abject laziness. Last night was a nice respite from all of that. It was Television Night & by gum we turned the television on! I made fordmadoxfraud & ranai watch I Spy, which is a movie that Jenny & I really like it. Some of the weird movies I like are cult movies-- like Southland Tales-- & some at least have certain people who esteem it-- like Death to Smoochy-- but not I Spy. I think Jenny & I might be the only ones who hold a torch for that film. Jellybirds! After that we watched the Leverage episode "The First Contact Job," which cracks me up because it has a character named "Willy Riker" & was directed by Jonathan Frakes. Jenny came home midway through & was playing with the Mars "Curiosity" app on her phone, & we chuckled about being in the future, then we watched half a Mythbusters before kicking everyone out.

Let me see, how about I do some kind of sweep of the week. On Sunday I hung out with Sam, Tracey & James & ran my Oubliette campaign. Obligatory giant post to follow at some point. Monday...I don't really remember what I did Monday! I probably played Kingdom Rush for too long, & probably ate my lunch at my desk, since Terra is out of town. Tuesday I had my review at work, which was rather painless, which is good, because I, you know, like doing my job. I also had lunch with Ali, to keep the ghosts in the salt mine away. Then coming home it was a disaster. The bridge I take between Manhattan & Brooklyn was closed entirely, & the trains I would normally take to get around that were experiencing delays & then were jammed full of people. Entirely. I ran into Sam & Tracey again on the platform at West 4th-- transferring off an M I took without noticing it was an F, though I caught the mistake in time-- & we waited together, until they said "forget this" & took a cab. I caught a train eventually, & then tried to go to the gym, but I was so sweaty & exhausted from the trip that I only made it a half an hour. So that has been my week so far. Not a lot of Jenny in it, sadly, but hopefully we'll get a chance to remedy that one day (or one night).
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