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What a Fiasco!

So I wrote a post at about TableTop's "Fiasco" episodes, which was sort of a given. I've gotten a bunch of non-gamers to watch those two episodes. ranai, Terra, fordmadoxfraud watched some of it with me, & heck, I even watched it again last Friday with Kat. It is pretty great, is my point. Geek & Sundry seems to have taken the lessons of Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog to heart; with a little elbow grease, you can produce some really great "television" by capitalizing on YouTube's strength. I'm really into their output; not just TableTop, but Written by a Kid & The Flog too. In fact, I'll probably write a post about The Flog sooner or later; I already have a title for it in my head. Anyhow, that "Fiasco" episode is really good; you should go read my review & then watch the episodes for yourself. Now I need to buy some dice. & yes, if you think I'm excited because I figured out a way to get a roleplaying game going without having to run it myself, you are absolutely correct.
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