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Sultana of the Seas.

I wish I could remember the Dream of the Pirate Queen. I have this place in my memory; a place I keep coming back to. Not as often as The Mountain, & I don't think it is a significant mythopoeic location, I think it is just pieced together from scraps of childhood memories. It is a beachside property, with the sand going all the way up to the tiles; the tiles lead directly into gender segregated communal showers. Those lead up & out into a performance theater; I think it is a church, actually, but whenever I'm there it is being used as an opera house or a venue for plays, not for sermons. Anyhow, I was here, standing on the edge of the beach, trying to keep my feet from being covered in sand, when I saw the ships approaching. They were more than sinking; they were under the water, with all the crew & passengers gathered up on elaborate crows nests. I wasn't sure if it was a tragedy or if they were some kind of submersible. Other than the image of the sinking ships, I'm not really able to remember most of it. The queen had been a concubine, part of a harem that overthrew the sultan & set themselves up as rulers. I must have gotten lost in the ur-showers that the dream's location were based on, since I had a part of the dream where I was hiding in the women's shower-- not spying, hiding-- & trying to remain undiscovered while lots of people filed in. I was in a niche covered with a towel, like a kind of jury-rigged booth, but I worried my decidedly unfeminine feet would be remarked upon. There was also a whole elaborate chase scene through trains; subways, amtrack, PATH, the whole shebang, but I won & caught up to whomever I was looking for.
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