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Attack the Burbs.

I've been kind of lonesome, which makes me sullen & passive aggressive-- not a good look. I don't want to act out! Stupid abandonment complex; seriously my biggest psychological pitfall. When I try to adjust for it I end up overcompensating & acting like a weirdo & everyone asks me why I'm behaving so strangely. I'm being a freak because I feel crazy & I don't know what to do! I'm trying not to act like a lunatic who is super vulnerable! I don't know, even talking about it feels like I'm being passive aggressive. Basically all I think about is passive aggression. I had some rant today while I was talking to ranai condemning the people who post passive aggressive notes they've received online. You know what? Passive aggressive people suck, but you know who sucks worse then them? The jerks who are being jerks! Yes, someone leaving a note on your door to guilt trip you is awful, but it is even more awful to be listening to your terrible music super loud at four in the morning. Anyhow, justifications aside, there really isn't any excuse for my crummy whipped cur attitude; I need to get it together. Shake off this big sulk. It probably just stems from Jenny having to work late recently; you would think that being able to trace something to an obvious cause would help me ignore it, wouldn't you?

Anyhow, I watched Attack the Block with Danielle & fordmadoxfraud & Jenny. While sorting out my weird internal turmoil. Or failing to sort it out as the case may be. Anyhow, enough moping. Time to try to climb off the bottom rung of the Hierarchy of Mordicai-ness. Attack the Block was pretty good! I was overhyped, though, so I probably didn't enjoy it enough. Still, it is a super admirable movie, exploring race, class & gender without needing to spell it out, & it has incredible sound mixing. Serious, the "Space Invaders" roar of the aliens is just pretty much perfection. All the kids have different backgrounds-- I really mean backgrounds, that isn't code for ethnicity-- which are glimpsed when they run into their homes or call someone on the phone or run into someone on the street. It is, in other words, a classic example of "show, don't tell." There is very little "telling" in this film; there is a piece of exposition at the very end but it isn't clumsy or anything, & it is really less exposition & more explication, as the actions of the monsters are put into a context that lets you make sense of them. So, the verdict on the film: really good! I totally understand why there was so much enthusiasm about it, but it did raise my expectations to the point where it was hard to fulfill them. I hate when that happens. Still! It was a movie that defied a lot of the boring tropes of the genre, & that counts for a lot.
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