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To Those Who Have Fallen Before Us.

Okay, before I talk about Sleep No More, let me write about my Saturday morning, particularly fordmadoxfraud's Stories of Our Youth campaign. Well, first thing I did was get my act together & go to the gym. I didn't take a shower before hand, so I still had Coney Island on my legs! Then Jenny & I walked over to Bar Reis, where we play David's game. We got dumplings & ate them while waiting for the rest of the crew to show up, at which point Jenny left. "You know you aren't tricking me into playing Dungeons & Dragons, right?" The group was down Emma's halfling psion Dilly, but we gained Rasheem's human bard. With James' elf ranger & Alicia's human thief, that meant everyone except skycornerless's elf druid had at least some thief skills! Which is good, because I think we just became anarchists? Or revolutionaries at least. I was playing my elf thief, Curulókë of the Smiling Parliament, from Barovia. We've sort of decided as a group that elves are creepy, so I embrace that-- especially since I'm a Ravenloft refugee. Anyhow, we were out to protect a caravan, which...well, we...didn't protect. Instead I used the "secret password" toast I'd heard from following a disgruntled union worker-- "to those who have fallen before us!"-- on a similarly unhappy inn keeper, & we got all conspiratorial. I invented a game using coins for pieces, & now I'm realizing I might be invented...the White Lotus society from Avatar: the Last Airbender? Anyhow, while I was acting all conniving, James' ranger Oney & Alicia's thief Aeryn were out...scaring the guards off the caravan, looting it & setting it ablaze. Hilariously committing us to the path of the popular uprising. My character is listed as True Neutral but I've better summed him up as "communalist," so it is totally in character. I support weird political schemes, whatever they might be, top down or bottom up. Anyhow, trying to rendezvous with the rest of the party, but failing my spot checks, I accidentally stumbled upon...the elf king Melendryk? Missing King of the Laughing Wood, a community with political ties to my character's Smiling Parliament. Also, James' character's father? Since he's just Zuko, with a facial scar & everything. We rescued him from being killed by goblins-- I found him first & used my "move silently" skill to stalk the goblins & then my "backstab" to shoot arrows through their skulls from behind, so the points came out of their eyes. I left then, but I think the game ended soon afterward, as well.
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