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Out, Brief Candle.

Fairly lazy Sunday, thank heavens. After a long day & an even longer night on Saturday, I was overdue for a day to do nothing at all. Woke up, got coffee & that was the extent of my morning effort. I played a little Resident Evil Four while waiting for Jenny to wake up, & then in general we sort of did our own thing for a while. Goof offed on the computer or watching television, mostly. Eventually we decided to play Small World, & shuffle in the "Cursed!" expansion I got her as part of her birthday presents. The game started with her "marauding tritons" keeping my "underworld sorcerers" at bay-- marauding is new, & a potent power-- & she put the tritons in decline & really stomped on me with her "heroic giants." Things turned in my favor when I played the "flying halflings" though-- Jenny's new "wealthy dwarves" even fell victim to them. The last turn we each had one last race-- her "alchemist amazons" versus my "mounted kobolds"-- & I won by the skin of my teeth. After that, I went to the gym. I put in my hour & fifteen minutes; in retrospect I didn't mind doing four days of just an hour, though life would get in the way of trying to standardize that. When I came back home Jenny said we were going to watch the Patrick Stewart Macbeth movie on Netflix, continuing the unofficial month of Shakespeare. After we saw Alan Cumming's one-man Macbeth we were left with questions-- how does Fleance & Banquo's line become kings? Is it a historical thing, which is why Shakespeare doesn't explain it?-- so we thought we'd give it another go, especially since we're seeing Sleep No More on Saturday. Before the movie started, Jenny & I were talking about it-- why is it so often translated into a medical setting these days?-- & I theorized that it is because the Macbeths are both classically insane, & might just be that hospitals are universally creepy. Creepy? Jenny isn't sure why people decided Macbeth was creepy. Oh really, my love? A movie about regicide, the murder of children, witches, ghosts, & severed heads? My darling psychopath. As for the movie, I liked it; I didn't realize it was as much of a movie as it was. I had seen Patrick Steward in this version at BAM, & I guess I thought it was more a recorded performance than a film. No answers on Fleance, but a quick check on Wikipedia says that yeah, it would have been common knowledge at the time the play was written that King James was descended from the mytho-historical Banquo. Mostly this version had me in mind of the meditations on masculinity & the misogyny of the play. Both are sort of the same side of the coin, but the subtext reveals a very clear understanding of gender performance: Lady Macbeth striving to be "unsexed" & Macbeth telling her to have "male children" are the two prominent manifestation of the two edges of the blade, so to speak.
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