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Finally, Someone Let Me Out Of My Cage.

I know I talked about my cosplay post & fordmadoxfraud's AD&D campaign already, but the evening hadn't even started yet. Jenny & I waited for ranai to come home & then the three of us met up with fatbutts, James & David at Ginza for birthday hibachi! Everybody except me & James has a July birthday so it was a big present swap for them; I gave Danielle an antique print of a crazy scientist with a crazy mustache & a crazy device, along with a glass negative of some weird old fashioned ladies...& then Danielle gave everyone these little tin plates of ye olde photographs! In the same vein I gave Lilly a Gorey-esque card game called Gloom that I saw on Table Top. David-- well, David is the easiest to shop for, I just give him stuff I would want, more or less, which is how he shops for me. Minis! & I gave him dungeon maps; I'm a wet erase battlemat kind of guy but he prefers tiles & such. Jenny & I had already done her birthday, & I'd given her some knickknacks, like a chalice of green glass & a mechanical pencil necklace, & a milk frother since she isn't a fan of cold milk in her coffee. Jenny gave everyone a dinner for eight with beer pairings at Beer Table, which was a Kickstarter project of theirs we funded. The dinner was fun, with the chef being really-- to use Lilly's word-- "abusive." Lots of food flung into faces & lots of sake shot from a bottle into our mouths. After that we took a cab to Karaoke Boho to sing our little hearts out. What the heck is up with karaoke? When we went to Sing-Sing for Phil's bon voyage I hadn't been to karaoke in years, not since ravenface left Metropolis, but now I even have plans to go again on Tuesday? Weird. So, note to self: The Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" is like, my standard. I can't sing, but I can...rap? I also tried to do a Toadies song out of nostalgia but didn't remember the cadence. Jenny had a genius move of putting La Roux on but neither of us are little pixies so we couldn't actually hit the notes. Oh, also the David Bowie & Massive Attack version of "Nature Boy" from Moulin Rouge was a good pick. Lilly & James of course were killing it; Lilly especially is really good. David's scene? Frank Sinatra & Prince. Danielle's? T-Pain. It was a fun night, & then we three piled into a cab & headed home. Going to bed at like two-thirty in the morning is weird.
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