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Full of Sound & Fury.

I saw Alan Cumming in his one-man production of Macbeth on Saturday; with the outdoor Twelfth Night, the immersive Much Ado About Nothing & my upcoming tickets to see Sleep No More again, this really has been a month of Shakespeare, hasn't it? Me, fatbutts & fordmadoxfraud met at Ghenet for dinner; I have always had a huge fondness for Ethiopian cuisine, probably because it was one of the few non-standard options in The Wasteland growing up. We went over to a bar to wait for James, & when he arrived we headed to Lincoln Center. We were cutting it close, & when we figured out that the building wasn't at the main "Lincoln Center" stop on the train, we cut it even closer. We grabbed Terra on the street & then met onatopofthings & Jenny who were already in their seats. Then, the show! The central conceit was that Macbeth is in a mental institution, & that the solitary nature of the performance was due to him ranting it & acting events out. You know, when we saw Alan Cumming at the Highline it was a one-man show too. Huh. Anyhow, the play used a lot of surveillance camera shots, which let them do a neat special effect with Banquo's ghost. He was dressed up in a suit & a hood-- sort of a slasher flick villain look-- & he showed up on camera, but not on stage. Until, of course, the ghost was on stage. Cumming had a few ways of differentiating which voice he was using; there was a bit when he got out of the bathtub & when he covered his chest & waist with the towel, he was Lady Macbeth, & when he covered just his waist he was Macbeth himself, for instance. The rest of the cast wasn't utterly silent; the nurse & doctor had a few Weird Sister lines, a few of the clinical lines about Lady Macbeth. It wrapped up in a circular loop, with the end of the play tacking on "when will we three meet again?" It was pretty great, & afterwords we wrapped it up with drinks at Blue Ribbon; hey, I got engaged at one of those restaurants!
Tags: cocktails, plays, restaurants, shakespeare

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