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I'm a Frankenstein.

Sunday was a weird day! I am actually feeling pretty wiped out in its aftermath. I woke up at a silly early hour, of course, but for me it counted as sleeping in; like, seven o' clock! Considering that I have been getting up at five-thirty at the latest, that was a huge snooze! Jenny & I hung out in the apartment for a little bit...wait, I didn't mention my Saturday in great detail, did I? Well, we had a cleaning person come, & while he worked Jenny & I went shopping; I picked up the all-in-one Lovecraft collection that Barnes & Noble makes, & I got a used copy of Resident Evil Four. I beat that game a while ago, but I've been hankering for a replay. Anyhow, just something I remembered while I tried to think of what I did yesterday morning. Ate bagels? I went to the gym, but since my finger is hurt I couldn't really do much; I did the elliptical for an hour & then came home. I don't like having an injury, small or large. To me, because I'm such a baby, I can't even tell the difference; I am treating my cut with delicacy, right? Probably more than I need to, but maybe not? Whatever. I came home & Jenny had gotten Olivia, so we babysat her for a while. I was fussy for some reason-- I don't know why-- so I split a Harpoon Ginger Wheat with Jenny, & then we dropped off Olivia & headed to the seaport! Well to the southern tip of Manhattan, anyway, to see Jodi dance in Underneath Where We Are. The performance was in the outside courtyard of some brutalist skyscraper, & was pretty neat; like Much Ado, it was interactive insofar as it used the whole space, no matter if the audience was sitting there or not. Jodi at one point did a pirouette sort of thing to my face & knocked my glasses off! It was fun; after that we headed to the new Greenwood Park Beer Garden for Carmen's birthday party. Verdict on the beer garden is unclear; it is kind of too far away for it to matter, really? Still, it is a nice new option. We walked home from there with fordmadoxfraud & then Jenny & I tucked into the couch & watched 21 Jump Street. It was funny but the reason for it being such a critical darling is opaque to me. I mean, it was too scattered to really have a cogent thread running through it, though some of the gags were definitely strong. I laughed but nothing stuck with me. & now, today. Remember how I'm over-reacting to having a minor wound on my finger? I probably will use that as an excuse not to shave today. I only shave once a week, anyhow!
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