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The Slings & Arrows of Outrageous Fortune.

Alas, Encre Panache, we hardly knew you! You were going to befriend the lizardfolk of the swamps, you were going to be a courtier of the duchess, you had such a bright future ahead of you! Alas, cut down in the prime of your gnomish life by a hail of arrows; enough to make the Uruk-hai killing Boromir look like child's play! Well, okay maybe not quite that many, but enough to kill a certain wild mage. I started playing Encre in Peter's game, where I escaped from penal slavery & battled with a cyclops. I moved him over to play in David's game since kromelizard's game was defunct; he was again in proverbial chains, this time indentured servitude. I met up with the players, chased a kidnapped duchess, fought some wolves; it was fun! Yesterday's game at Bar Reis was a good time too, up until fordmadoxfraud killed me! Alright, it was fun after that too, I'm not heartbroken or anything. I haven't had a lot of character's die, you know. My half-orc monk, Hoxa Four-Tusks of the Black Marionette Gangsters, died from a random symbol of death, & I made everyone go on a quest to get a wish or miracle to bring him back, since his religion meant he had to refuse all attempts as resurrection , since he was shackled to the dark god Maestro's throne. In Shadowrun I had an elf vodou houngan who I'd played for years that a physical adept killed...on my birthday. I had a human hermetic mage that Aztechnology killed in his sleep. Other than that, I don't know; I'm pretty good at keeping characters alive. Yesterday I played cautiously-- I knew I only had four hit points-- & was behind everyone, taking cover in the trees & had cast protection from evil. Still, not good enough; five goblins rolled me as their target, & one of them hit...& rolled a five. Did you know in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that if you drop to zero hit points, you die? Dang, that is cold blooded. I am thinking of playing an elf thief next, but I'm not entirely sure yet; I might look online for a weirder race? I'll definitely play a class from the Player's Handbook though; the only other AD&D book I own is Tome of Magic, which is why I was a wild mage. I played an elf thief named Curulókë in Tracey's Ravenloft game; maybe I'll reprise him? I like giving old characters new life. Then when game was over I came home & Jenny & I watched Wanderlust-- a weird movie, & not up to the par of the genuinely wonderful Role Models-- & a whole mess of America's Best Dance Crew episodes.
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