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The Labors of Hercules.

("Constellation (Red #1)" by Matthew Cusick.)

Well yesterday was pretty eventful. Terra & I met up with Brian & Jocelyn for barbecue at Hill Country: I ate brisket, corn pudding & cornbread with a margarita. Half Day Friday! Then we walked over to the Fashion Institute of Technology to see "Fashion, A-Z, Part Two", the follow-up to the exhibit I'd seen last year. I didn't take as good of notes as I'd have liked to, since my phone is wonky & I cut my finger; there was a Hermès Fall 2010 ensemble by Jean Paul Gaulter that you can see here that I really liked; it was Doctor Who crossed with, I dunno, David Bowie, someone androgynous. Really nice; I also liked a Rick Owen piece (below) that looked like a good Bene Gesserit match to the Harkonnen piece from the last show. After that, we walked around Chelsea sticking our noses into art galleries. We started with "Jim Marshall: The Rolling Stones and Beyond" at the Steven Kasher Gallery; I don't care about rock stars, I don't care about The Rolling Stones, & I don't really care about photography. Sorry! After that was Valerie Larko at J. Cacciola Gallery, & well; realism doesn't do it for me either! "I'll Take You There" at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery on the otherhand was neat! Collages & fictional landscapes! Right up my alley-- & the piece above by Matthew Cusick was my favorite of the evening. Terra & Brian & Jocelyn called me over like "oh this is right up your alley!" & I was the knowitall who was like "oh man I am already way into Gustave Doré!" I'm the worst! We saw Jasper De Beijer's "Marabunta" at Asya Geisberg; he has a thing where he makes papier-mâché models-- in this cases of Mexican cartel related surrealist scenes-- & then photographs them. Kind of cool. Heidi Spector at the Margaret Thatcher Projects was a sort of post-Rothko study of colour & texture. We ended out our tour of galleries with "Data Trash" which was actually pretty cool. The xenomorph hugging its egg, below, was my favorite, though I don't know the artist. Second best were these lenticular prints by Shane Hope that were crazy too look at. Honorable mention for crazy goes to the 1986 film Ein perfektes Paar.... From there we headed to Apple Bar where I had a nice crisp martini. A little hanging out at Kat's apartment, & then home! Voila!

Tags: art, fashion, museums

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