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Johnny Hiro & Y.T. (60)

Johnny Hiro: Half Asian, All Hero by Fred Chao.

The mice found the key!
Super A-OK Robot!
Form the blazing sword!

This book is a lot of fun; a mix between Scott Pilgrim & American Born Chinese while still being its own thing. Johnny Hiro fights disgruntled & dishonored corporate samurai at the opera, a giant Godzilla-like Tyrannosaurus Rex where he's saved by the bodhisattva Kannon, steals mackerel from knife-wielding fishmongers, all sorts of adventure. He's paired up wit Mayumi, & the two of them tackle real life & the surreal...while being interrupted by a host of celebrity "cameos," from Mayor Bloomberg to L.L. Cool J to David Byrne to Gwen Stefani to Judge Judy sitting in for Harry Anderson in Night Court. Fun & visually interesting, you can see how this won acclaim. I know this is short, but I don't really have much critical opinion here; it is an enjoyable romp & a telling story about trying to sort out life in New York City during your twenties. Oddly, my favorite joke is in the extras, where Johnny Hiro gets into a fist-fight with Alton Brown & they exchange barbs-- "your mom's kosher salt tastes like iodine!" & "your mom blackens catfish with a magic marker!"

Tags: books, chao, comics, haiku

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