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Her C's, Her U's & Her T's.

Yesterday was a fun little day! Oh I realize I'm skipping the Fourth of July-- um, in a nutshell I went to Robert & Judy's in the Ridge, hung out with Paul & Donna & Jodi mostly till Jenny arrived, surprising everyone. I thought I was going to leave early, though, & waiting for Jenny I may have overimbibed. More than I meant to, certainly! & then we drove home with Kira & Nino & Olivia. There you have it. Now yesterday! Sorry I'm being so brief; this morning I was washing a glass & it shattered in my hand & gave me a pretty wicked slice on my index finger & across my knuckles, so typing is a pain. Wait! Anyhow, yesterday. I got lunch with Rukiya, who I haven't seen since college. That was pretty great; it is nice to catch up with people & be like "good taste in friend, little me!" After that, Terra & I went to go see Smith Street Stage do Twelfth Night, which as I've said before is my favorite of Shakespeare's plays. I've been seeing a lot of Shakespeare lately, & more to come; I'm seeing Alan Cumming do a one man production of Macbeth this month & Terra just went to see Sleep No More again last Wednesday. Like with seeing Much Ado About Nothing on Saturday, my favorite part of watching Twelfth Night is the creeping realization that Shakespeare isn't over-rated. He's great. All of the self-referential winks-- like when the fool negotiates for a bribe by talking about "Troilus" & "Cressida"-- charmed me especially this time. The stars of this performance were Colin Ryan's Sir Toby Belch & Timothy John McDonough's Sir Andrew Aguecheek; they interpret the roles as sort of Connecticut fratboys by way of Animal House, & they just kill it. Sir Andrew's buffoonery is done with a touch of physical comedy, Sir Toby's drunken antics are pulled off with charm & they just steal the show, along with Beth Ann Leone's Maria, who plays to the proper characters & the clowns equally well. Patrick Harvey's Feste was a sort of hippy beachbum, & he came along with...a lot of musical numbers, as the Clown does, with Beth Ann Leone on trumpet to boot. It was...well, it was really hilarious & a lot of fun.
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