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Molon Labe!

I wrote a post about how to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie over at, where I basically was like "Krull is pretty sweet though, am I right?" Anyhow, that is...basically what I've been up to. Sorry, I haven't been doing much else, other than sitting on my couch & watching a marathon session of Sports Night. Aaron Sorkin may be an irritating sexist, but that show is still basically perfect, once they shut the laugh track down. Last night I went over to Matt's apartment with Terra & Brian, where we were met by Jocelyn, Kat & Alvin. That was nice but it was really only a brief interlude; before too long I was back out in Brooklyn, say so long to Hell's Kitchen! I got home but Jenny didn't get home till after ten o' clock; sad! We watched more The Glass House, I mean, it really is like every single weird idea a production team brainstormed in an hour, crammed into one television show. It makes me think-- well, really all these reality shows just make me thing about-- how this is basically what human tribal politics are like. In their truest form. Concealed ovulation? Sperm competition? Yeah, the mating politics of these contestants basically clear up any confusion about why you might have that! Shifting sexual alliances, uncertain pledges of loyalty...reality shows aren't about humans, they are about Homo sapiens, in the primatological sense.
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