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Thicker Than Angel's Wings.

The last part of my Legend of Korra season finale review is up at, in which I talk about the long history of deus ex machina endings in Avatar: the Last Airbender & how being as the Avatar is the hand of divine intervention in the world, it is hard to get too upset about it. & how at the end, they made Amon & Tarrlok sympathetic using the same tricks that modern crime dramas do to make you care about crooks; rather than give them a sloppy redemptive arc they gave them layers of texture. I was satisfied with it; I think for me it matches "The Siege of the North" & "The Crossroads of Destiny" from Avatar: the Last Airbender seasons one & two rather than the series finale "Sozin's Comet" which would be...really hard to beat. So; that happened yesterday, & so did Kat's birthday! Well, first Terra came to Brooklyn with me to pick up my CSA vegetables, but then to the birthday! I took a lot of photos & a lot of people were there, so rather than just try to remember everyone & their Twitter handle or whatever-- nigh impossible!-- I'll just tag the photos here & be done with it. There is goofy Matt & Terra, Brian & Jocelyn scheming about Cards Against Humanity, Kat & Sarah with Autumn & another Matt photobombing, Toy & Katie half posing & half ignoring, a backwards facing Kat & Max, & Amber & Sarah laughing it up. After that I came home to watch American Ninja Warrior with Jenny-- Kamerion Wimbley is a professional football player & is really too big for the course, but I was rooting for him & he finished it! Alas, so did fifteen other guys, so he's out, but at least the Harlem Globetrotter is still in it to win it.
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