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It's a Small, Weird World.

After we played Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, we came back to my apartment to play some Small World. "We" being me, fordmadoxfraud, James & Alicia. I poured everyone some rye & we got to grinding. I started with "seafaring amazons," who cut the world in half, ocean to ocean by way of the central sea. When I retired them I came back as the "commando elves," which were a perfect race, as by then everyone was attacking me, & elves don't die, they just always retreat. Alicia started with the "merchant humans," which was a great first pick, & then followed them up with "dragonmaster ghouls," which is a wonky combination-- both are good on their own, but their powers aren't very compatible-- & then she ended with "bivouacking orcs." James started with the scourge of the world, the "underworld ratmen," who poured out of every cave on the map, & then he followed that up with another aggressive play as the "berserk trolls" came on the map, & he ended the game with some barrow wights, the "hill skeletons." David was the "pillaging giants" to start, then switched tactics to the "diplomatic dwarves"-- he played diplomatic really well, but dwarves are better first races then middle, I think-- & finished with a plague of "forest halflings." I won, but I mean, I had played before & no one else had so I'm not bragging about it. ranai came home shortly thereafter & we all watched the "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons" episode of Community. There was a bunch of drunken Mario Kart-- I also broke out the leftover slivovitz from the Yiddish Policeman's Union meeting-- & drunken Super Mario Brothers Three, too. Then at last, bed; Jenny was on a business trip & wasn't coming back till like one in the morning, so that was sad, but she's here now, so okay!
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