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Kanaya Maryam. (58)

Advanced Race Guide by Paizo.

The naga's secrets
hissed, whispered into their ears.
Ophidian ears.

My review of the Advanced Players Guide is up at, & like a lot of Paizo's products I liked it. I have adopted a "the good, the bad & the ugly" approach to reviewing over there, which has served me in good stead; I know kingtycoon has been critical of my reviews since I tend to like everything, but-- well, I tend to read things I think that I'll like, after all! Still, using a rubric that allows for the exceptional, the subpar & the awkward is a good one, since most of my problems with things-- for instance, the Advanced Race Guide-- aren't bad problems so much as things that aren't quite optimal. Having a schema that makes me approach the text to find the best & worst & most annoying bits is handy, though I hope it doesn't come off too negative, what with "bad" & "ugly." I feel like a glowing lede is the thesis, the abstract, so it ends up a net positive. You can go read it for yourself & let me know what you think.

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