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Congratulations On Your Face, General Iroh.

I stop just short of quoting a popular troubadour in my post about The Legend of Korra episode "Turning the Tides" but. Hey, General Iroh, I just met you-- & this is crazy-- but here's my number, so call me, maybe? That really was a great episode, & if Iroh is in fact the grandson of Mai & Zuko & Katara & Aang that is pretty epic. We watched (well, in my & Jenny's case, rewatched) that episode last night for Television Night, along with "Out of the Past". We were going to play Small World when we thought Jenny was going to be at work super late, but events conspired agains it, which is probably for the best, since we'd never have finished it. "Berserk halflings," "mounted ghouls"-- white walkers?-- & "merchant giants" were all on the table for first round picks, though, all three of which are pretty amazing game openers. It was a lovely evening; I got a whole mess of Thai food, hung out with ranai, fordmadoxfraud, fatbutts & James, & Jenny, who I like more than anyone! Also, all this took place indoors, which is great, because outside it has gone from Metropolis to Arrakis.

Jenny has been working late, so I've actually been keeping busy to try to distract myself from noticing. I was lonely & being a grouch about it, which isn't a "winning strategy," as Jenny put it. I like it when Jenny uses "Mordicai-style" manipulation language! It isn't a winning strategy! Plus, she's lonesome too, & has to work late on top of it, so she's got the worse end of the stick. Tuesday I went to the gym, which was a short session, just an hour, but I've sort of borrowed the motto "the only bad workout is the one you skipped," which is a nice truism. On Monday I hung out with Matt & Brian at Kat's apartment, looked at Kat's x-rays & got trapped there waiting for sushi to arrive. Lunches have been with my usual partner in crime, Terra, but Sherene snuck in there on Tuesday. Ugh, & the weekend? See what happens? I get lazy on reporting my activities & end up lost! On Sunday I went to the gym bright & early & arrived back home just in time to have brunch with Danielle, Lilly & James, which turned into Mario Kart & Small World when we came back to my place after eating crabcake benedict at Benchmark.

On Saturday? That was the Eleven-Books Club meeting for The Yiddish Policemen's Union, but first yes, the gym. I guess I had a good weekend for exercising, huh? Nice to have a little perspective, makes the lazy Tuesday seem not so bad. We also babysat Olivia for a chunk of time; she seems to have figured out that you cry when you don't get your way! Not in a spoiled brat sort of way, but like-- when Nino dropped her off & left she was bummed & cried for a while. Sorry little Olivia, your dad is gone. Then book club, which had a fairly modest turnout; Me, Jenny, Danielle, David, littlewashu, Carmen & Beatrice. I think I liked the book most of all, & Carmen liked it least of everyone else-- though I agreed with most of her points, I just found them to be strengths, not weaknesses. Our big disagreement was whether the detective was super passive or really active-- I favor the latter. A nice little evening. On Friday? Oh, right, on Friday Terra & I saw Prometheus, which I already talked about. Then, right, Brian's birthday party with the usual suspects. I've heard people say that the fact that we're still talking about Prometheus means it was successful as "art" but I don't think that is true; Terra's summary of it was that it was a "promising first draft" which is a pretty devastating editor burn.
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