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Goliath of Gith. (60)

Goliath by Tom Gauld.

Sword & spear & shield,
champion of Philistines.
Paw of lion, bear.

Oh, Tom Gauld. I'd seen this & thought it looked interesting to me but it wasn't until I actually picked it up that the name clicked. Author & artist of the "Characters for an Epic Tale" (below) which I've long admired, & owner of the You're All Just Jealous of My Jetpack tumblr. I mean, I'm sure he's famous for reasons other than that, but those are the reasons why he is famous to me. This is a story about Goliath of Gath-- you know the actual Goliath, not a metaphorical Goliath-- who is an enormous fellow. He's a lummox witha gentle heart, who is sent out to issue a "shock & awe" challenge to the Israelites, to demoralize them. You can guess how it goes from there. The narrative arc isn't the thrust, but rather the comic serves as a vignette on the life of Goliath outside the context of his forthcoming biblical doom, stitched together with Gauld's signature style of cartooning. I liked it!

Tags: books, comics, gauld, haiku

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