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Hercules Frees the Titan.

So yesterday I went to go see Prometheus with Terra. I realize I didn't give my interpretation of things. I should note that my ideas are based on what I think should be the revelations about the plot more than they are based on what we see; it is my idea on how things ought to be. I think the Engineers, the Prometheans, are Giger People, & that the xenomorphs are phase two of their terraforming. They live in a world of black ridges & strange hypersexualized organic technology, & in order to make worlds their own they first leave a sacrificial victim to see a world with the organic building blocks, & then seed it with xenomorph eggs or black goo-- I think it was a major mistake to add the black oil as a unnecessary level of complexity-- to reorganize the organic life into their organic technology. I also neglected to mention that for both Terra & me the line "it's what I choose to believe" is a hallmark of a worldview we find fairly repugnant. Anyhow, we split ways after that-- well, we ate some dumplings & dolsot bibimbop-- & I went down the the Lower East Side to meet up with folks for Brian's birthday. It was a fairly big gathering at Ward Six, which is not a venue I found very welcoming; it went from being a decent backyard with a surly bartender to being a, you know, bar on the Lower East Side on a weekend, & the manager bounced us from our tables because there was a reservation. It was fine, actually, since I was ready to go; we headed back to Kat's apartment to hang out, which was more my speed anyhow. A full crew plus folks I hadn't seen in a long time, & eventually Jenny even showed up. We stayed out later than I meant to, but cuddled on the train ride home. Now today I watched The Legend of Korra & we've been babysitting Olivia. I have hopes to go to the gym & finish the book for Eleven-Books Club but I don't know how effective I will be at those tasks. Fingers crossed I guess!
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