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Tulwar & Axe.

Yesterday Terra & I went to see Alwar Balasubramaniam's works at Talwar Gallery. He works with molds of his own body & magnetism, mostly; it is pretty neat. "Kaayam" is four pieces that look like he's just stepped out of his skin; "Lines in Fold" are made up of the negative image inside of his clenched fist. "Link" is a fish hook suspended by magnets; very cool but hard to show you unless you go there to see it.

& after that we scooted uptown a bit to Broadway 1602 to see an exhibit of Evelyne Axell, a pop artist & feminist from the 60s. "Femme au serpent" was the most striking piece, for me; the ophidian bronze strikes a deep mythological core. I could stand to look at that all day. "Valentine" was the first piece that really made me start paying attention, though; the helmet justs out & really catches you, & the zipper motif-- oft repeated in her work-- is strongest here.
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