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Air Scooter of Justice!

In my post about The Legend of Korra at, I talk about how we get to hear all of the old characters speak in the flashback for the first time, which is a bittersweet feeling. Rewatching the episode last night the voice actors sounded better; the first time was just jarring, I missed the old cast! It was a good episode for Korra; she meditated & might contact with her past incarnations, she outsmarted the Equalists, she escaped Amon-- I'm ready for Korra to just kick the crap out of everyone in the last three episodes of the season. Last night, as I should probably mention, was Television Night, hence the Legend of Korra rewatch. Everyone did get a kick out of me calling Aang's little trick the "Air Scooter of Justice," which was cute. Well, not as cute as Olivia & Archie playing around; I came home lickity split after work so I could beat everyone in & straighten up. ranai followed close behind, but she's a cheater, since she lives with us! elladorian showed up next, right before Jenny came home after picking up Olivia from Kira & Nino's. fatbutts was next, with Archie, & then Olivia spent a solid hour getting licked in the face by him. Sadly, Archie barked a lot at Nino when he came to pick Olivia up. They left, then Korra, with James showing up just in time to miss everything but the end. He was crestfallen! We should have waited! After that we watched Bunheads, Amy Sherman-Palladino's new show. I don't know anything about Sutton Foster-- she's a Broadway lady?-- but she is basically doing a Lauren Graham impression. A little too well, if you ask me-- the whole show is a little too Gilmore Girls without getting the snap & crackle of the real Gilmore Girls. I mean, small town full of quirky characters, Emily Gilmore Kelly Bishop as a dance instructor, precious teenage girls...yeah, a little on the nose. Plus, the protagonist's relationship with Alan Ruck's character Hbbell is super creepy-- she's a Vegas showgirl & he stalks her & buys her things?-- even though halfway through Alan Ruck manages to salvage it by being very charming. On the plus side, there was a dance-off & the ending was pretty shocking. It could use some people of colour though, as other voices have said.
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